Senior Backend Engineer

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Senior Backend Engineer

Job description

What will you be doing?

As with many young companies, your responsibilities will change over time. However, here are some of the responsibilities we expect you to take on as a Senior Backend Engineer:

  • Gathering and processing large volumes of customer data. This means you'll play a meaningful role in improving a backend that handles bulk raw data processing.

  • Supporting the rest of the team in squashing bugs and improving the quality of our main Rails application.

  • Contribute to Tech strategy, we will decide together how to evolve the data processing pipelines using technologies that fit our purposes.

  • Mentor junior members in the team by relentlessly guarding code quality through pull requests and helping them when they have questions

  • Practical experience with machine learning or related education is high desirable 
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in technology


    Sounds interesting? Here’s what we’re looking for:


    • You have 5+ years of experience developing high volume and high complexity web applications

    • Some experience with data processing (we use PostgreSQL for almost everything)

    • You’re accustomed to working in a cross functional and collaborative environment

    • Knowledge of multiple programming languages. Right now we use Ruby-on-Rails, Rust, and Go with Gin, so knowledge of these is  a big advantage.

    • You have a DevOps culture and believe in autonomous teams

    • Good knowledge of the fundamentals of software development – how to structure programs and decompose problems, when to apply patterns, and able to select the right paradigm for a task.

    • Next to speaking English fluently you are able to understand and translate business requirements


    • Passionate about programming. You know how to run code, not just write it.

    • A pragmatic individual, who knows when to be hands-on and enjoys taking the lead in challenging situations

    • Keen to learn new technologies and practices

    • You’re always up for pairing and tackling problems with your colleagues

    • Eager to learn, contribute to design and architecture decisions, and inspire change

    What is it like to work at ChartMogul?

    • You’ll join the adventures of an early stage company and experience what it means to have a job that’s incredibly impactful
    • You’ll become part of a team of nice, awesome and highly dedicated people that all have the same mission: Helping companies to build better businesses.

    • You’ll receive a great salary pack (market or upmarket).

    • We also offer the traditional perks and benefits of course.