Chief Technology Officer (f/m)

  • Engineering
  • Berlin, Germany

Chief Technology Officer (f/m)

Job description

About your role

Your role is incredibly important to ChartMogul. ChartMogul is heavily investing in R&D (product development) and as such the engineering department (that you would lead) makes up nearly half the company’s headcount. Aside from leading your organisation, you also play a critical part in our ability to grow and scale by being the critical link between the business strategy and the engineering team.

You work closely with the Product Development team and the Engineering team to ensure technical considerations are factored into the product roadmap and business strategy.

A big part of your job involves enabling engineers to deliver. This means you spend of lot of time mitigating against factors that could hinder productivity or otherwise disrupt your team. However, you also dedicate a fair amount of time to thinking through the technical future of ChartMogul’s platform. Leveraging feedback from your engineering team, you identify opportunities to improve the software and enable it to meet current and future needs.

Finally, you act as a leader in the organization and champion ChartMogul values. You’re responsible for a team of 15 really talented engineers, to whom you provide coaching and mentorship. Your main objective is to enable all engineers so the unit can meet its objectives. Therefore, you work to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to share ideas and take initiative, and made to feel safe voicing opinions. You also identify skills gaps in your team and work to either upskill existing team members, by providing professional development opportunities, or recruit to complement your team’s skills.

What will you be doing?

  • Analyzing the product roadmap and making recommendations based on feasibility and viability

  • Mastering our tech stack and making recommendations based on how development of new features might restrict future development

  • Facilitating collaboration and communication with other ChartMogul teams

  • Leading the prioritization exercise alongside Product Management, Customer Success, and Sales teams

  • Providing technical input during fund-raising and for investor reporting

  • Managing technological aspects of GDPR compliance

  • Transforming existing architecture and infrastructure to position the software for growth

  • Dedicating time to researching and fully understanding the changing tech landscape to promote innovative practices at ChartMogul

  • Collaborating with team members at all levels to increase engagement, promote an understanding of engineering challenges, and consequently get more done

  • Line managing a group of engineering leads

  • Providing mentorship, support, and career development opportunities

  • Building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive team of high-performing engineers

Team Members

Manager: Nick, CEO

Direct Reports: Yuta, Lead Engineer-Frontend; Marco, Lead Engineer-Data Processing; Petr, Lead Engineer-Integrations

What is it like to work at ChartMogul?

  • You’ll help shape the adventures of a young (and growing!!) company

  • You’ll become part of a team of kind, highly skilled and dedicated people that all share the same mission: Helping companies build better businesses.

  • You’ll receive a great compensation package (market or upmarket).

  • You’ll also be getting stock options

  • If you’re not yet in Berlin, we’ll help you get here by providing visa support and relocation assistance

  • We also offer the traditional perks and benefits of course (health insurance, gym membership etc.).

  • Flexible working hours and arrangements including work-from-home days


Sounds interesting? Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • You’ve held leadership roles and have extensive experience in software engineering

  • Strong business acumen and understanding of the commercial aspects of startup growth

  • Experience designing and implementing reliable architectural technical strategies

  • You’re more than familiar with large, resilient, and high-traffic web applications running on modern cloud infrastructure

  • You’ve managed and/or scaled reasonably-sized, high-performing, and engaged engineering teams of at least 10 people

  • Some experience in a multicultural and international environment

  • Excellent professional communication skills, both written and verbal in English


  • You’re super ambitious and want to take a team and business to the next level

  • You really (!!) care about people

  • You know how to recognize and develop talented individuals

  • You’re patient because you know good things take time

  • You’re solutions-oriented