Backend Engineer (f/m)

  • Engineering
  • Berlin, Germany

Backend Engineer (f/m)

Job description

As with many young companies, your responsibilities will change over time. However, here's what we have in mind for this position in the short and medium term:

  • You will join the Data Processing team who is responsible for gathering and processing the large volumes of customer data we handle. As such you will play a significant role in improving a backend that handles bulk raw data processing.
  • Initially, you will support the rest of your team squashing bugs and improving the quality of our main Rails application.
  • Before the year ends you will be working to create new integrations to billing providers and other sources of customer and marketing data, and adding new functionality to our existing data pipeline to support new features.
  • Longer term, you could be working on entirely new data processing pipelines using technologies like Kafka or Storm.
  • Ongoing responsibilities include code review, writing test specifications, periodic on-call duty & supporting the Customer Success team to investigate application bugs


What we’re looking for: 

  • A few years’ experience building web applications that handle decent amounts of traffic. 
  • Even better, you’ve worked with service-based architectures. 
  • You’re deeply knowledgeable about at least one programming language and web framework. We mostly use Ruby-on-Rails and Go with Gin, so knowledge of these is an advantage. 
  • Database knowledge. We use PostgreSQL for almost everything. 
  • Good knowledge of the fundamentals of software development – how to structure programs and decompose problems, when to apply patterns, and able to select the right paradigm for a task. 
  • Exposure to operations/devops. You know how to run code, not just write it. 
  • You speak fluent Git, and English. 
  • You like collaborating with other people to solve problems. And you’re always learning.